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The Avett Brothers

I've had no time to come up with a mix this week, wompwomp. On the other hand, the bookmarks tab on my computer is overwhelmed with music related links. So waste some time and lose yourself in some randoms I thought to be interesting...

On another note: I did see the Avett Brothers this past Friday at the Aragon Ballroom here in Chicago and it was really outstanding. They played a great set and combined with the beauty of The Aragon Ballroom itself (built in 1926, the interior looks like a little Spanish village) made for an incredibly fun night. I suppose the beers helped, too. On to the links:

                         "You know, the Scarecrow needed a brain, the Tin Man needed a heart, and the other dude needed courage. I need love, you feel me?" - Ghostface Killah, 2009

couldn't find a source for the photo
if anyone knows, please contact me so I can give credit where credit's due.

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