• If only I was a better skilled artist, I would take to my walls a sharpie and forget about hanging stuff like this guy did. (photo credit)
  • I loved this collection of musings shared by a teacher of her students. Children are way more insightful then most give them credit for.
  • I will never forget being in Paris and a young Frenchman came up to me and touched my tree of life tattoo on my back and shouted excitedly, "Speederman! Speederman!" (Spiderman). I was more amused than bothered, but having other tattoo-touching scenarios less pleasant, I can agree with this Thought Catalog piece on Why We Don't Touch Tattoos.
  • Appreciated this article on needing a Plan C. (I have plans a - z)
  • Admittedly, I rarely need an excuse to waste time... but this list is pretty rad if you do need one.
  • Just love the stuff that yum&yuk shares on her blog, including this poem.

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