spent: a challenge

Want to play a game? The challenge is: Can you make it through the month? This "game," released in February 2011, is created by Urban Ministries of Durham (a non-religious based organization in North Carolina) who provides food, clothing, shelter and other services to its surrounding communities.

Their concept is simple. As the player you learn that you have lost your job and are already low on cash (because, really, how many of us are able to maintain a large savings account?) and you're then asked the basic question: "Can you make it through the month?" The two first options you are confronted with are A) find a job or B) exit the game. By accepting the "challenge" you then enter a heart thumping series of choices and confrontations each with their own consequences (that come from real statistics.)

I barely made it through the month (which sounds similar to my own reality), but overall this idea is an engaging way to educate those who don't quite understand what it's like to live on a low-income salary. So I triple dog dare you. Play the game and see how you do: Spent.

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