• (Above) This music video created for the song "Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn" - by Evelyn Evelyn is mesmerizing. source or on Vimeo.
  • Have you heard of the pickle-back? Honestly, I only skimmed the article, but it's about something that is truly delicious (if you also like whiskey). My roommate and I always have pickles in our refrigerator, and it's not just because we like the crunch.
  • Not only did I hear about the amazing film The Future through Kate Miss's blog (For Me For You), but she's already gotten me excited about Miranda July's new book, It Chooses You. Can't wait for winter break reading...
  • Inwardly did a Stephanie Tanner 'yesss' when Hoop Dreams was named all-time best documentary by Current TV (and covered by the New York Times). Have you seen it? Stop reading and go watch it now.
  • Another good piece on Thought Catalog - "The Intimacies of The Urban." Definitely rings a bell having lived in a few different cities.
  • Every week I look forward to the new Modern Love column in the Times, but this one is still my very favorite laugh-out-loud story.

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