music for your ears: monday mix, but on tuesday

The end of summer not only marks a season for change, but a season where I literally need to pinch myself not to lag a little. Having only returned to school last year, I still have to remind myself how quickly work piles up. Autumn is always the opening scene of my juggling act: studies, jobs that pay my bills, and sleep. 
I love Autumn, however. I love the change in the light, the way the air smells almost crisp, and especially the colors. Nothing beats walking to work, or school, with my ipod playing my favorite songs, watching the sky, and breathing in deeply. I almost (almost) feel it's an equal trade. Nature's way of saying "Yeah, I know life is going to be a bitch for a few months again, but here, take this. It'll sweeten the deal." (And in my head Nature sounds a bit like a cross between Julie Andrews and Whoopi Goldberg... weird? Maybe.)

Unfortunately last weeks mix was skipped (I forgot to pinch myself), but I hope this one makes up for it. Enjoy.

1. Well Ok Honey - Jenny O
2. Battery Kinzie - Fleet Foxes
3. Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - The Avett Brothers
4. Addicted to Love - Florence + The Machine
5. You Made A Believer Out Of Me - Ruby Andrews
6. I Might - Wilco
7. Chapel Song - We Are Augustines
8. Two Cousins - Slow Club
9. Bad Kids - Black Lips
10. Little Talks - Of Monsters & Men

you can download the mix: here
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