love and travel

This excerpt is from a book review written by Jeff Turrentine of 'L'America' (by Martha McPhee) in the New York Times, June, 2006. It has stuck with me ever since:

"Surely by now some clever scientist has studied the similarities between the human brain in the throes of new love and the human brain while vacationing in a picturesque foreign country. Doesn't it seem likely that whatever chemical causing the rapture we feel after that first, fantastic kiss is the same one making us swear we've never tasted an espresso as good as the one in this little Roman cafe? The sequence is the same, whether we've fallen hard for a place or a person: astonishment (I've never felt this way before); followed by euphoria (everything looks, tastes, smells and sounds so much better than it did yesterday); followed, typically, by a kind of naïve determinism (this was simply meant to be, and it would be wrong, cosmically wrong, not to rearrange my life to make this a major part of it)."

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